Top Family Board Games

board games

You can spend time together with your family by playing board games. These games are loved by both kids and adults. These games are incredibly fun. This write-up is going to share the best board games that can be played by people of all age groups.

Sequence Game

sequence game

This is a card-based strategy game that is considered as a family-favourite game by many people. Young kids can easily learn how to play this game. It is also tricky for adults. This game is highly rated by played in the Amazon. You can either play it in teams or individually. It is mainly played by players who have attained an age of seven years. The sequence game has become one of the greatest family board games. It is known for providing endless fun for all payers.

Catan 5th Edition

Individuals who love playing games at night should add Cetan into their arsenal of board games. It is one of the adventure-based games which are perfect for four or three players. Its playing board is made of hexagonal tiles. Players are awarded points for building various structures. The winner is the player who gets the first 10 points. It is a straightforward, but it has a lot of obstacles and rules that make it more fun. In addition to this, there is a robber game piece which players use to sabotage each other. They are also given a chance of trading resource cards.



This is considered as the worlds’ best game it is a highly-rated classic game which can be very competitive sometimes depending on the player’s experience. It is ideal for more than eight players. Each round can have about 2-4 layers. It comes with a hundred wooden letter tiles, a game board, game guide, and one drawstring letter bag. It is played by creating a new word and building off excising ones. Players can earn more points by landing on the designated spaces.


This is one of the fast-paced team games. With this game, players are required to identify the identity of specific agents. There is a team spymaster who keeps the adults and kids entertained and challenged through multiple rounds. A group of about four people mainly plays them. These people can also divide themselves to form two teams. This is a game that moves very quickly. It takes about 15 minutes for the players to finish playing. Players can demand a rematch or switch up teams if things get tough or competitive.